People Living with HIV (PLHIV)


The Get Ready Centre sees to it that the CHBC program has a lot of thing within its program then its does initiate the program of PLHIV in the year 2012. With a vision to see HIV infected and affected people benefit from this program by forming supports groups as a result provide support groups with meaningful and strong information sharing and support based platform through the focused six session’s program of Integrated Access to Care and Treatment module facilitations. Expand knowledge towards decision making socially and economically


PLHIV support: To provide support group with meaningfully and strong information sharing and support based platform through session conducted. Integrated access to care and treatment module facilitation and expand knowledge toward decision making socially and economically.

We also do the following:

  • Coordinating support group.
  • Reporting open and educational sessions.
  • Conduct I act services.
  • Compile monthly plans.
  • Compile statistics reports

Program Objectives:

  •  To strengthen referral system and complement care services
  • To increase knowledge and skills to PLHIV
  • To keep PLHIV connected to care and support structure
  • To reduce loss to follow up
  • To empower community to take responsibility for their health care 

Target Beneficiaries:   

  • People living with HIV/AIDS                                                    
  • Orphans of PLHIV
  • Newly Diagnosed clients
  • Families of PLHIV
  • General community
  • Street children

Program Staffing:

  •  Managing Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Coordinator
  • Support Group Facilitators (SGF)
  • Mentor

Program Activities:

  •  Training in physical and psychological balance
  • Training positive prevention
  • Training in nutrition care