Developmental Microfinance Institution


Get Ready successfully introduced itself in the micro finance for development sector in S.A. because of being developmental institution from its inception in 2000.
The range of services in microfinance include micro loans for enterprise development, poverty alleviation and saving mobilization and non-financial services for socio-economic development and business support for the disadvantaged people particularly poor women. The organization has observed the operating model as designed by Prof. Muhammad Yunus and implemented by Grameen Bank.

Developmental Microfinance Program Information


Program Aims and Objectives

  • To implement microfinance services and products that address the needs of clients targeted through access to financial services.
  •  Providing and facilitating savings mobilization and providing loans to informal sector.
  • Creating employment for unemployed rural poor
  • Build a sustainable micro finance through sustainable enterprise development
  • Ensure good repayment rate by clients
  • Improve the economy at local /village level
  • Take advantage of the tendering business by making funding available
  • To adequately deliver funding to marginalized people in a convenient way
  • To provide capacity building through information sharing platforms, skills development and enterprise linkages by holding hands with the enterprise survivalists for enterprises growth.

  • To work towards comprehensive sustainable development in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

Target Beneficiaries

  • Micro to small entrepreneurs /businesses
  • Businesses operating in the informal sector.
  • Those with few assets and operation at their backyards.

Program Staffing

  • Managing Director, Operational Manager, Human Resource manager, finance officer, Quality Assurance Officer and Enterprise Development Officers.

Program Activities

  • Recruitment/ marketing
  • Group and Center meetings

Program Methodology/Curriculum

  • Get Ready uses Group Lending Methodology to extend services to clients whereby clients can get access to loans being a group of individuals who are first oriented before acquiring the loan.
  • Well trained and equipped Enterprise Development Officers are employed by Get Ready to extend the services to different villages.
  • Solidarity in groups is the key in this methodology as clients get loans in a group they also are supposed to pay as a group.
  • Our minimum loan is R500 up to R10 000 per individual in a group of five people and then can graduate to other products.

Program Outcome

  • Loans disbursed/ given to clients
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Micro business develop into small businesses and small business grow into bigger businesses.

Areas of Operation

  • Limpopo Province ( Vhembe District and Mopani)
  • Northern Cape (John Taole)

Partners: Technical Support : Small Enterprise Funding Agency (SEFA)
Funding : Small Enterprise Funding Agency (SEFA)

Contact Person/ Details 

  • Get Ready Center
    Tel/Fax : 015 851 0100
    Email :



1. RINGETA  (Try) 

  • This is a poverty alleviation product allowing the poor try some income generating activities.
  • The product offers from R500 to R2 000 per individual in a group of 5 people. The maximum repayment period for this product is 4 months.


  •  This is an Enterprise Development product which allows the use for income generating activities. 
  • The product offers from R2 100 to R10 000. Loan Utilizations are also checked on this product. The repayment cycle period can be either 4 or 6 months.

    3. GONDZO

  • This product is an Advance Enterprise Development. 
  • The product offers from R10 500 to R100 000. The repayment periods starts from 6 months

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We are aiming towards developing communities, focusing on the small business, conducting services to unemployed people, assist people who don’t have access to bank loans and assist those who are to start business especially women, youth and other relevant needy groups.